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Assumption Abbey

Welcome to Assumption Abbey

 We are a community of monks of the Cistercian Order. Monks first came to Ava, Missouri from New Melleray Abbey in Iowa in 1950 to establish the monastic life here.

 We hope that you take a few moments to pray with us, to learn about us and our work, and to discover who we are here at the Abbey.

 The Abbey is situated in the rugged, wooded Ozarks. There are clear streams with a small river flowing among our hills. It is a beautiful site, a place apart, offering peace and solitude to all who come. Here we monks make our home and welcome our guests.

Mary Assumption Abbey

It is our joy to welcome Christ to our monastery in the person of our brothers and sisters. Assumption Abbey seeks to be a place of retreat where men and women can come to find quiet, rest, spiritual guidance, a time to be more intimate with the Lord and to commune with themselves.


The Monks of Assumption Abbey bake a world renowned gourmet fruitcake to support their way of life.

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Reach out to the Monks of Assumption Abbey with inquires or prayer requests.

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